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Woodinville, WA

SUNDANCE Energy Services Inc.

Right now I couldn't recommend them.

Several years ago, SUNDANCE Energy Services Inc. was a good company and I was happy to support a local business like theirs. However this year, communication has been a problem. When I called, my primary concern was getting heat through the ducts into the back bedroom. The first guy Sundance sent out serviced the furnace and boasted about what a great job he was doing. But he didn't solve the duct problem. After he left, the furnace worked worse than before he arrived. The technician made a joke about how sometimes things go like that when you start fiddling around with them. I ended up spending five thousand dollars on a new furnace but I still don't have heat in my bedroom. Sundance keeps going back and forth about whether or not they can take care of the duct problem. They even went under the house to look. They noticed some traps that needed replacing, but they didn't do anything about it. Someone in my community told me that Sundance doesn't do ductwork, but I haven't gotten a clear answer from them if they can fix my problem. They hem and haw and go back and forth about it. I'm a little disappointed that the furnace was functioning better before they started working on it. I'm a lot disappointed that I still don't have heat going through the ducts to my bedroom. In the meantime, I'm waiting for SUNDANCE Energy Services Inc. to decide which direction to go in so I can get the problem fixed, if not by them, then by another company.