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My husband is a senior citizen and 100% disabled veteran. In 2018, my husband and I needed a repair to our AC unit. We contacted Cool Ray. Our Sales Rep (leaving off names for now) spoke highly of their system and suggested we upgrade our old system. The Rep said we would not have to pay for repairs on the new unit if there were any issues arising from their unit as we had a 10 year warranty on parts and labor. This is the main reason we opted for CoolRay. The Sales Rep drew a picture of how the unit should work. The installers used that drawing to hookup our AC which ended up looking like a total cluster-mess. The install was so poorly done, it did not pass county inspection. After 4 months of repairs, replacements, I'm sorry's, and managers viewing to ensure the correct install, We were finally able to get some use from the unit in 2019. Of course there was multiple damage to my home that they tried to fix but it only worsened. In addition, the techs had mud on their hands from where the outside unit was located and unintentionally put mud on the rafters they were holding themselves up with all around the attic. In 2019 we had a service call. This is when we met a female monster on the other end of the phone with no people skills. No matter what I said, I was always wrong. When I worked in customer relations, I at least acknowledged the customer and reported the customers complaints. This She-monster didn't even listen and really made me regret my decision to use Cool Ray. Her job is to ensure their company is not liable for anything and the customer pays for everything. Fast fwd to Last night. Now in 2020, our AC had a trouble code-180. It stopped blowing out heat. It was a very cold night. So, we called CoolRay and the tech said we have to PAY for the troublecall and maybe the parts as well! Again? We should not be paying for anything as it hasn't been a full year that the AC has been up and running (and not even properly) through no fault of our own. We have been reduced to using blankets because the $15,000 unit we are still paying for wont work that we still have to PAY for trouble calls and for Parts on a fairly new unit. Sone of the rooms blow out too little air, some rooms blow out too much air, there is always a loud noise from the unit even though the techs have been out to vie to correct these issues. So we are paying over and over in many ways regretting our purchase. We want everyone to know, seniors citizens and veterans included, what you are getting into ahead of time so you can stock up on blankets and be prepared to pay so you don't live through this costly nightmare with monsters in it!