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Milford, MA

Rainbow Movers

Extraordinary Experience, They Are the Best

I'm a frequent customer with Rainbow Movers and I have been really impressed with their service. They've moved me maybe 7 times. I've moved across states, moved from MA to NJ then back again. I've been in several houses, condos, etc. I had to keep my things in storage for a few months and they took very good care of them.

The movers are exceptional. I had this enormous desk they had to take up 2 flights of stairs to my apartment. They're the only movers I've seen disassemble the desk, I didn't even think it could be done. They put it back together perfectly as well. There was one scratch on my piano but I honestly don't even know how they got it through such a tiny doorway. They helped me through difficult time, I had to move out unexpectedly and it was a very stressful time for personal reasons. The movers went above and beyond the call of what normal movers would do. They were very sensitive to the difficult situation I was in. They were so collected and professional. They worked as a team. They had to wait for me at one point because I needed to get cash from the bank, and they were very nice about that. They were very flexible about everything. I got to know them like family, really, they were so nice.

They were really great with storing my things. I rented a large storage space for several months, then I needed to move to an apartment so I needed some of the stuff out from storage. They were able to squeeze the remainder of my stuff into the smallest storage space they had to save me as much money as possible. My piano was what I was most worried about being in storage for so long, but they must have taken good care of it. When I got it I just had it tuned up and the tuner said it was in great shape, so I was very happy, and some of that must have been their climate control. That can make a huge difference. So I had sort of an extraordinary experience with them.

The people in the office are great as well. They made the whole journey as easy as it could possibly have been given the circumstances. Sarah Kenny was the name of one person who worked in the office and did a lot of the scheduling. Also there was the person who did the estimating on the move, Claudia. She was really good and she had to do it several times in different circumstances. She always did an excellent job and she was a very very caring person. They are both very very nice people. I would recommend working with them. I also had a conversation with the owner of the business at one point. I don't recall his name but he actually came down personally when there was an issue with how much of my stuff could be taken and agreed to take some additional stuff. I've had other long distance movers and, in short, they are the best.