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Set amid the Rockies picturesque foothills, we are committed to creating a true home for those with Alzheimers disease and other forms of dementia.


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Colorado Springs, CO

MorningStar Memory Care at Bear Creek

The staff and service was WAY beyond what I expected from them.

MorningStar Memory Care at Bear Creek is just, amazing. I am so incredibly impressed with everything that they do.
One of the things big things is the quality of the staff is so great. The people that they have working there are excellent and first of all, they have enough staff, they are not under staff. There seemed to always be someone available to help the residents in anything that they need. There is no a case that I've ever seen when there is no one around and someone needed someone right away and had to wait for it. That is never the case.
They have high quality service and the staff is good and they go, they really do extra things to make things comfortable. First of all, they do extra things like, I just visited my person there yesterday and I noticed that her hands were nice and soft and her nails were painted and she had a little necklace on and she is always dressed nicely, so, you can tell that whoever dressed her looked in her closet and got things that went together and made her look nice. They do extra things like that.
Then in addition, they do the things that need to be done well. She has an incontinence problem and they are really on top of that. They seem to go beyond to handle that and I am just so impressed with them really.
Like I said, there seems to be a culture thing there that comes from the people at the top. I think Susan and Cathy and Angie, they just set the standards themselves with the way they take care of things and I'm just extremely impressed. They even went shopping on her birthday and they went to a German bakery because she is from Germany and they sang a song and it was way beyond what I expected from them.