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At Wood House Floors, we pride ourselves on offering the best prices and customer service in the Pinellas, Hillsborough, Pasco and Manatee counties.


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Land O Lakes, FL

Wood House Floors

Great pricing, not so great service.

I was referred to Wood House Floors from a friend that used their service. I met with the owner who came out and gave me a quote on laminate. He was very nice and professional. I told him we were about 4 months away from moving forward and he said no problem. The only problem I had was that his website advertised baseboard instillation at $1.50/sqft and when I asked about it, he said that sale was long over and should have come off the website and could not honor that price unless we wanted to do the job now. We ended up calling sooner than expected to add some additional rooms and move up the execute date. He ended up honoring the original advertised price on the baseboards, however the quote now included an additional $400 for transitional molding that was not accounted for in the initial quote. I was upset about this, as his website proclaims all quoted prices are inclusive, and there are "no hidden costs". We talked it out and because I was paying cash, he agreed to take $250 off the additional cost for the molding. It seemed fair to me, but still was an unsavory experience.

The instillation date was delayed several times due to delays in receiving the product from the local distributor. I realize this is not something Wood House can control, but they could better manage instillation appointments and communication based on what is in stock versus what has to be ordered.

We finally got them out to install 1340 sqft of Armstrong Grand Illusions American Apple and corresponding high-profile baseboards. Hands down, the floors are beautiful and the price can not be beat!

I was quite mad to find that my house was covered in saw dust from floor to ceiling. Everything that was not covered was a mess. I looked back at the quote that I signed and on the back, you are told of dust and misplaced furniture. Ok, so I missed that, but I would think that with such a mess you might be given the advice of packing things away that could be packed or moved, taking down window treatments, so on and so forth. Just no real customer education or preparation from that perspective.

I was highly irritated with the baseboards. They are also nice, but they installed them dirty and smudged. They really needed to be painted before being installed, but I was never even offered the option or educated on what they would look like. As well, there was quite a bit of glue found around the house, on walls 6 feet above the worksite, on the floors, on window treatments. That was quite aggravating.

Lastly, I did have some minor damage done to furniture during the move. Not unexpected, but it certainly does not make me happy.

On the whole, the floors are gorgeous, and exceeded my expectations. The price was very reasonable, in fact, great even. However, there are few areas of instillation that seem questionable, though I am no expert here. As well, I am unhappy with the overall level of service/customer education as well as the condition of the baseboards. Though I may be totally wrong, I feel like I was not given the best attention because I got such a great price. My feelings are that you set your price as low as you can go AND still provide top notch service. I don't know though, maybe everybody gets the same service.

I will recommend them in the future, as you really can't beat the price and the floors are gorgeous, but it would be accompanied by a warning to make sure they don't suffer from the same things that I did. Wood House Floors did some GREAT things but the things they don't do so great really makes a negative impact on the overall experience.

I really like the owner and wish that I could say everything was perfect, but it wasn't. I do hope that the feedback will serve him well and be used as a tool for making improvements so next time I can brag about how awesome the price AND service are.