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Provides Pet Care, Boarding Training, and grooming for customers in the Chicago area


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Chicago , IL

K9 University Chicago

Do not use this facility

K9 University Chicago is not any where I would recommend taking your dog. Not for daycare or for training. The yard the dogs are in is supervised by one person per yard no matter how many dogs are there. It's occasionally 2 people if everyone shows up that's supposed to. And often after a certain time the small dogs and puppies are left completely unsupervised. The yards are not even sterilized weekly let alone daily. There are dogs that regularly get injured needing vet care and the first response from the husband and wife management is to say its not our fault. That's if they tell the owners in the first place or even notice that the dog is injured. Dogs are regularly put inside for the day in kennels while their owner thinks they are running and playing all day not ever knowing the difference. If the staff remembers they will put water in with them. And many times feces will sit in the pens with the dogs for hours before being removed. There is regularly rodent feces everywhere including all over where the food they sell for dogs is. I've seen algae growing in water bowls set out for the dogs in the yard where they do puppy play.

They advertise as positive reinforcement but have no problems using prong and e-collar (shock collar) because the trainers there are not educated enough to train dogs without those tools. They care more about the money and the fast results more than they care about the quality of training. Its quantity over quality with no proper education for the owners.

There are a plethora of facilities that exceed the low standards K9 holds themselves to. Use one of those.