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Chicago, IL

K9 University Chicago

I regret leaving my dog here

If giving 0 starts was an option I would...K9 University almost killed our puppy. We've used their training and day care services that we thought it would be ok to board our dog there. That was our biggest mistake, it not only cost us $280 to board him there but $1000+ in vet bills. We left Dutch at their facility with a bag of his kibble that had instructions to feed him 2 cups and a half a day...mistake number one, K9 feed him 4+ cups a day and that caused him to run out of food. Instead of contacting us the day before finishing his last cups of kibble they made the decision to feed him something we did not authorize or know about. He was feed some wet food on his last day that their "vet" recommended (he does not eat wet food because it makes his tummy upset but of course how would they know if they didn't contact us to ask). When he was picked up he was still digesting it and left "happy and playful"according to K9. During that same day in the afternoon he started to act slow and not interested in his food etc...the next day he started vomiting, had diarrhea and wasn't capable of keeping anything in his stomach. At first you think, maybe its because he's still upset of the whole boarding process but no... it didn't stop, Dutch was rushed to the ER. He was given fluid therapy because he was so dehydrated from the diarrhea caused by the food K9 University gave our puppy without consulting us. At the ER, they performed different tests and everything was fine in regards to viruses, bacterias, etc. The vet said it was caused by the drastic change of food. Well you think, if they "take care and know about dogs" they should know the basics, you are not supposed to switch their food without making sure he has no allergies, etc and also you are supposed to follow a specific process. When we tried contacting K9 via phone the lady told us no manager was there and that they will call us next week. We got a phone call but we weren't able to pick up so we decided to go to their facility instead. We brought with us a copy of all the tests and the diagnoses both Vet facilities provided. We were told we had just missed the manager and the lady that spoke with us wouldn't even let us talk and kept interrupting us instead of listening to our concerns. Later that day Mariya, "the manager with no manners" called us and basically told us he probably got some bacteria from being around different dogs, we told her we ran different tests with two different vets and they both said it was because of the drastic change of food, results/tests K9 could of seen if they wouldn't have shut us down when we personally went there. I asked her why no one contacted us if it was ok to change his food or if we could have someone deliver more of his kibble that in the first place was measured and supposed to last for the entirety of his stay if they wouldn't have over feed him. She said "she didn't know". At the end of sharing all of our concerns with her, Maryia said "yes we changed his food without asking you but we are not responsible of anything" First of all, how are you going to admit on making a mistake but not taking responsibly over it? How scary it is that someone will put an innocent puppy through such a horrible experience where his life was in danger?????the fact that she did not care that he went through all of this????.....I WILL NEVER be bringing Dutch here again. I hope whoever reads this review thinks before boarding their dog here. If you are willing to put your dogs life at risk then board them with K9, they will make decisions without consulting you and without caring the consequences that this might cause to your dog....... even death if not treated on time.