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Hermosa Beach, CA

Sola Motors

Honest as the day is long.

Javier Sola has proven himself to me over an over. He is as honest as the day is long. I know that I can trust him with anything. I recommend him at least weekly. We have been using him for at least 20 years. He donated a package service deal to a silent auction, and we bought it. We went and used the tuneup package and were impressed with him. I have been using him since.

We had an instance where my wife was in Long Beach with our 1987 diesel truck. It started spitting out black smoke. She called me, and I called Javier. He told me it wouldn't hurt the car to drive it back to us, though it might annoy others on the road, so she did that. The next morning I called to see what was going on.

Javier told me it was the catalytic converter, and that it should still be under warranty (it was 1989 at the time). He told me that he took the liberty in calling the dealership to make an appointment so that they could take care of it. We got it replaced for no cost, though it was a $2,700 job. He could have just replaced the part and charged me, I would never have known the difference, but he didn't.

Another time my daughter-in-law was in the dessert with her 4 kids and the car heated up. She wanted to get back home, but it kept getting hotter and hotter. She was afraid, so she turned it off and called me. I counselled her to get it towed to a Mercedes dealership. They estimated that the repair would be $1,800, and gave her a loaner car.

She drove the loaner car home, and I called Javier. He told me it sounded like a thermostat problem, and that I could drive the car with the heater on as a quick fix to get it home. I went back, got the car, and drove it to Sola Motors. He replaced it for $75.

We have had experience after experience like that with Javier. When he says something should be done, it should. It will be finished in the time he tells you.