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Southwest Air Conditioning and Heating has been servicing the Big Country for over 42 years. Our HVAC techs are fully licensed and insured. Call us today!


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Clyde, TX

Southwest Air Conditioning and Heating

Very satisfied! I recommend them to everyone!

I like the people from Southwest Air Conditioning and Heating because they are always here when they say they're going to be here. My biggest complaint in life is waiting for people to show up who never do. Also, the young man that has been sent by Southwest the last two times is a very nice young man. When he was here working in the attic, he got some insulation on his arms, so he went outside to use my water hose to wash up. Well, when he was done, he very nicely rolled that water hose right up for me. Not even my own children roll up the water hose after they use it! I built my house twenty years ago. Southwest installed the original unit. When I added onto the house five years ago, I tried to have Southwest put in a bigger unit but I had trouble reaching them. I didn't realize at the time that their owner had been quite sick. I ended up calling another company and that was a big mistake. They were hard to get in touch with and never seemed to show up when they were supposed to do maintenance and service. I eventually called Southwest back, apologized for straying, and begged to be let back onto their maintenance plan. They take care of everything for me. I don't usually get excited about paying people to do work for me, but Southwest Air Conditioning and Heating gives me the opportunity to relax in my recliner and leave the work up to them. Preventative maintenance is all I want and that's what they give me.


Thank you for leaving such a wonderful review! Our service technicians take pride in giving outstanding service to every customer. We appreciate you being such a loyal customer and helping to share the word about Southwest Air Conditioning and Heating. We're here for anytime.

Southwest Air Conditioning and Heating commented on 08/05/2020