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Committed to professionalism and quality of work, Interstate has the knowledge and experience to handle your roofing, siding, window, gutter and carpentry needs.


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Interstate Roofing

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Interstate installed roofing on my home 8 years ago. The job was well done. However, in the last 8 years I have had recurrent problems with leaks. First, a leak developed over my front porch, where flashing was not properly installed at a roof valley. They sent out a man named "Rick", who identified and fixed the problem. Then, a leak developed around my chimney. At my request, Rick came out several times, in an attempt to locate and fix the problem. Although he replaced some 'sealant' (which he admitted had been problematic), he was unable to stop the leak. Then, I noticed a change in their responsiveness to my problems. They suggested the problem was in my chimney masonry, and recommended I call a chimney/masonry expert. I did, and was told by him that the chimney itself was not the problem. I reported this to Interstate, so they again sent Rick. He immediately started taking photos of the problem area, and informed me that if they couldn't identify the leak as a roofing issue, I would be charged for their efforts. Rick had a new boss (Dave Walsh) with a new 'customer service' policy. I was forced to 'wrap' my chimney to prove it was not the source of the leak, and only I seemed to realize that the most likely source of the leak was the flashing they installed at the base of the chimney and had never sealed properly. Rick came out, sealed the flashing I had suspected, and the leak was finally fixed. During the years it took to get this problem resolved, the leak had caused some visible interior damage to my home (i.e. stained masonry, drywall, ceiling, etc.). I have no idea what structural damage/rot may have occurred in areas I cannot see. I was happy that the leak was fixed, but politely asked if they could help me the damages (at least the visible ones). Dave Walsh told me he would speak with upper management and get back to me within the week. After two weeks, I called him again to leave a message/reminder. I have never heard back from Dave (or anyone else from Interstate). Nobody ever came to take photos of the interior damages, as I had suggested. Apparently, photos are only important when it is in their interest. I can't afford to file a legal suit against them, and even told them I thought we could work this out on our own. But, they have become completely unresponsive on any level of customer service or warranty. I can see how they might label me a 'complainer', but I think I've been very patient with them over the last 8 years (until now). DO NOT HIRE INTERSTATE ROOFING IF YOU WANT GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE OR WARRANTY SUPPORT. It seems they have gotten too big for their britches.