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Max L.

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Patent Services USA

I thought it was a scam...NOW I OWN MY PATENT!!!

Please read review all the way through....

Hi my name is Max Lucas, I am the owner and Patent holder of a new mobil app invention called "BATTLE RAPPER" Patent services is 100% LEGIT!!! reason I'm saying this as a new inventer I realy didn't know what to think or what I was getting my self into asking my self questions like "is this a scam? - are they going to steal my money? - why is this taking so long? - is this even about to work? And almost 2 years later....MY PATENT GOT APPROVED!!!!!! YES!!! I JUST RECIEVED ALLOWENCE FROM THE USPTO 3 DAYS AGO!!! With that being said.... All Patent Services does for you is guide you in the right direction and professionally set you up properly for your new journey your about to endeavour. THERE IS NO GUARENTEED SUCCESS!!!!! I'll say it again... THERE IS NO GUARENTEED SUCCESS!!!!!! I CURSED THESE PEOPLE OUT BECAUSE I THOUGHT IT WAS A SCAM!!! I RAISED $@!#%!!!! And guess what.... my Project representative Maria didn't even break a sweat and held her composure completely when I freaked out and cursed the company and so unprofessionally handled my emotions from the long time of frustration and unknowing factors... safe to say.... PATENT SERVICES IS A LEGIT COMPANY THAT WILL GUIDE YOUR EVERY STEP TO BECOMING AN INVENTER! BUT IN ALL HONESTY DONT THINK THAT IF YOU HIRE THIS COMPANY YOUR GOING TO GET A PATENT!!! NOTHING IS GUARENTEED.... THEY HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE USPTO OR THE AMOUNT OF STRENGTH YOUR IDEA HOLDS AS AN INVENTION!!! If you invest, please know there is a bigger risk of not obtaining your patent then there is actually obtaining your patent! YOUR IDEA HAS TO REALY HOLD SOLID GROUNDS AS A NEW INVENTION LIKE NO OTHER!! OR YOU WILL BE CRUSHED BY THE TIME AND MONEY SPENT TRYING TO SUCCEED WITH AN UNPATENTABLE INVENTION!! I see all the bad reviews on here about patent services talking about " THERE A SCAM"..... "I JUST WANT MY MONEY BACK" ..... "THERE CROOKS"..... I was here at this very moment of wrighting a bad review....Listen... people are upset because they spent money on a non patentable idea! And want to blame Patent Services.... all Patent Services does is line you up in the best fashion possible with the best in the business with the least amount of funds possible because I spent half of what I would have spent with a patent attorney if I was to go straight through an attorney! If these people that was wrighting bad reviews had there patent approved they would be wrighting a good positive review. There just mad that they wasted time and money through patent services with an unpatentable invention. NOT PATENT SERVICES FAULT!!! PLEASE UNDERSTAND WHAT IM SAYING HERE!?!?

I hope this was helpfull! All the best Godspeed....and do some $@!#% research people!

New Patent Owner of mobil application "Battle Rapper"
-Max Lucas