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Advance Electrical Contractors is your clear choice for any electrician related service: Residential, Commercial, Retrofits and more.


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Milwaukee, WI

Advance Electrical Contractors LLC

A pleasant, easy experience. Work done the way it should be by competent contractors.

I was getting bids for a project and Advance Electrical Contractors was one of the bidders. They knew what they were talking about and brought my attention to an issue that none of the other bidders had mentioned, which surprised me. The issue had to do with permitting, and Chris even directed me to the regulatory agency in Milwaukee that would confirm what he told me. Everything that Chris had told me was correct, and we were able to deal with the issue.

This was for a particular surveillance camera project and I wanted to make sure that everything was done absolutely correctly. Chris was definitely, by far, the most informed contractor I spoke to. He stood out of the crowd. Half of the bidders could not even have performed the task, let alone informed me about the required procedure that Chris knew about.

The project involved going to several other places, putting cameras on a commercial strip, and working with multiple business owners. I walked Chris through it one time and he was able to do the rest by himself, explaining the program, getting their cooperation, and getting the job done. The business owners even called him and used him for additional work, separate from our project.

Based on my experience with Advance Electrical Contractors, I would suggest that you ask Chris what his recommendations are and follow them. He is the pro and knows what he's doing. Of all of the bidders I talked to, he was the only one who had done the research, informed me of the research, and it was all correct. Don't try to out-think him. Had we not had the information he provided, we could've done it all wrong.

Bill Doyle