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Neck Pain, Pain in Arms shoulder

I had a car accident in 2007 i felt the pain way later after the accident which aggravated later on to become the most terrible pain can ever immagined my pain was in the neck heading towards my spine i could not sleep most of the sleeping i got was 2 hours which i use to get up with sever sharp pain in the neck towards my body i started to get whiplashes then the pain started in my both arms complete disaster i saw neuro surgens with no use advising to get a surgery whihc was a high risk might leave to paralysis i met Dr bhasin in 2014 and explained my problems and showed him my MRI's he started his treatment and i was much better however i had to leave the town for some town i came back this year and met Dr bhasin again well my case was a mess so eventually problems increased i started my treatment with Dr bhasin in may and regularly attended him 3 times a week now in July i gave him a feed back my neck is 50% better my sleeping issues got better from 2 hours to 6 hours with God's grace i still have some pain left which Dr Bhasin is working on it i am sure will be gone in no time i would like to thank to Dr Bhasin for his great help for my recovery and i thank god i started the treatment on time my health is becoming better and i am assure with God's grace i will be 100% soon
I thank Dr Bhasin and his team for their great help and service
God Bless.