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Our certified and insured technicians install, service and repair heating and cooling equipment & offer solutions guaranteed to fulfill your air quality needs!


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San Antonio, TX

Clean Air Heating and Air Conditioning

Customer Service Expectations Desired

Clean Air technician the only technician that met our expectations of Clean Air as noted:
1) he offered fast, accurate, experienced identification of technical problems without excessive, expensive service- call time guessing;
2) based on our experiences E.R. only recommends actual required replacement parts as opposed to guessing expensive and unecessary equipment remedies;
3) E.R. work ethic is conscientious in cleaning up, and most importantly he voluntarily wore his Covid-19 mask.
Sadly, E.R. is resigning from Clean Air.
In light of our service expectations, Clean Air representative suggested we seek another HVAC company that can meet our expectations upon the departure of E.R. We have not received a response from the company owner.
Understandably, several of our neighbors- including two customers of 20+ years will seek HVAC services from another company that voluntarily accepts and meets our expectations.