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A clinic focused on the pursuit of visual perfection and beauty enhancement a duality that is unsurpassed in the GTA and beyond.


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Pickering, ON


customer service at U-Eye Laser Cosmetic is very good

The . They walk you through all the steps that will be required in surgery. There is no misinformation and no unexpected situations. They tell you what to expect and how to be prepared. I learned about them from a friend who works with one of their eye clinics. I didn't really shop around so I don't know if it was a fair price or too expensive, but I think it's a good price if you're doing something to correct your vision. You don't want to do it cheaply and then have to do the whole process again or get a lot of bad side effects. I didn't really have much side effects at all other than dry eyes, which is normal, so I think they did a good job with it. They will walk you through everything like I said and they have a session before, during and after the surgery. They did the follow up as promised. There were no delays in scheduling my appointment. I've got nothing bad to say about them. I would recommend the service.