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Honest Install is one of Dallas/Ft. Worth's premier Home Entertainment & Commercial Audio/Video installers.


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Honest Install

They removed an older HDTV over our mantle and took it to our second floor den. Then they unpacked and installed the new and larger TV which we had bought online, using a slim wall mount which they provided. They also provided and installed an remote receiver/controller since our cable box is in a closet off the foyer (some fourteen feet from the TV). Later that same day, at our request, they provided a universal remote and programmed it for us. Once we procured a new HDTV cable box from Time-Warner Tom came to connect it to the older TV now in the upstairs den. Problem was the cable box did not receive all HD channels. We returned to Time-Warner and got yet another HD cable box and asked Honest Install to return to connect the new box and also install and program a universal remote identical to the one they installed downstairs.

Our work took a total of four trips with four different workers. I regret that we don't remember the names of the firs two who came to move the old TV upstairs and install the new one over the mantle, but they were consummate professionals who worked swiftly and without fault or flaw. Chris came that same afternoon to install and program the universal remote. Later, Tom came to connect a newly procured HD cable box upstairs and, though no fault of his, that box simply was not working correctly. Once we got another HD cable box from Time-Warner Chris returned to install it and install and program the universal remote. So unassuming was Chris and so humble of demeanor that we were surprised to learn later that he actually owns the firm. This was a five-star, first rate experience from beginning to end. Four trips and all of them involved on-time arrival, a clear understanding of what was to be done, and extraordinary neatness in the installations themselves. In the (we hope unlikely) event we need these kinds of services again we'd call them in a heartbeat. Great work ethic, by a local firm with clear commitment to customer service, no "upsell" shenanigans, and all four who visited arrived in a timely way, were pleasant, congenial, and competent. We simply could not be happier with our experience and regard the cost as fair and reasonable.