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Millville, NJ

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Transmission not shifting and slipping

I took my 2003 Dodge Neon to this shop because Bill assured me that the other 2 places that I took it to were lying about what was wrong with my car. I was totally taken advantage of by this man. He called me right away and told me there wasn't a thing wrong with the transmission and how sad it was that people would lie, he said it was leaking and he would fix the leaks. I paid him and took my vehicle and after about a half hour of driving my car was doing the same exact thing that it was doing before I took it to him. I went back there the next day to tell him he didn't fix it and he told me the transmission is broke! This man is the biggest deceptive liar I've ever seen in my life! Also my transmission was never leaking as I park in the same spot all the time. As a woman with no significant other I have to be very careful from now on. My car is being repaired by a real mechanic now!


First, I am sorry this situation came about in this manner. We tried to help by NOT selling a transmission that you didnt need. We are proud of the fact that we dont take advantage of any situation or individual. There was obviously some miscommunication at the time of the repair, and it is OUR fault for not catching that.

This vehicle came from another shop that was trying to sell you a trans based on incorrect information. We did the basic checks, fluid level, it was 2 quarts low. We filled it, cleared the codes and the trans worked perfectly. It had minor leaks from the pan and solenoid pack, which we quoted a price to repair. After you told us to fix the leaks, we completed the repairs, and road tested the vehicle again, and it worked flawlessly.

This transmission is completely computer controlled and I am very willing to diagnose it at no charge to make sure that the sensors and solenoids are doing their job properly and if either are malfunctioning, I would be willing to install them at no charge. We are proud of our reputation of treating people fairly and reasonable pricing.

Ed's Auto Service commented on 11/22/2010