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Ductworks provides the Complete Ventilation Cleaning Package, a cleaning process proven to be more effective than any other air duct cleaning method.


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Ductworks - Your Air Duct Cleaning Expert

Great concept and quality of service, but didn't get what I paid for

I was really pleased with the concept, the cleaning that is promised by the person booking the appt in addition to the video on the website looked amazing. I felt like everything that was included with the cost made it a good value, though still pricey. The individual that came to my home was VERY polite and kind, and he was professional with me throughout the process. I had some other work being done on the house the same day, so I wasn't "monitoring" his work as he went, but I expected that everything promised by the company would still be completed, without me "watching" to ensure it. When he was finished and left, he was kind to do the dryer vent upon my request, at the last minute. But of course I paid extra for that too. Throughout the day, however, I didn't notice him taking any vent covers out to be cleaned at his truck, and I never heard the water turn on from the exterior faucet, so I was not sure how the vent covers had been cleaned. When I asked him if they were washed at the end of the service, he said he "wiped them all down". At that point, it was pretty late in the afternoon, and I had to make an appointment, so I did not inquire further. I thought that perhaps I had misunderstood what was supposed to happen during the visit, and that the washing of the vent covers was an additional service that had to be requested and purchased separately. A few days later when I received a call from the company regarding what turned out to be transposed numbers on the card that was taken for payment, I mentioned my experience and asked if the vents should have been cleaned more thoroughly. I was transferred to a person whom I was told was a service manager who confirmed that all visits routinely should include the cleaning of the vent covers. But even after establishing that, he really didn't seem to care that I had experienced this issue, overlooking the fact that I had paid almost $500 for a service I didn't receive in full and instead asking me how I got the number I was speaking to him on (it was the number the company left on a voicemail to me).
The individual said he could have someone come back out, begrudgingly, and that it would have to be in the late afternoon/evening hours. That doesn't work for my schedule, and this was their error, so I wasn't sure why I should have to rearrange my schedule, so I affirmed that I would need someone there earlier in the day to complete the job I had already paid for. He told me that was not possible, and that was that. At that point, I was frustrated but not sure of my options, so I just told him know I would have to call back - to which he was sure to tell me NOT to call that number I was on next time.
I don't really have time to chase down their customer service manager on the issue, so I have not contacted the company further, nor have they contacted me. I am extremely annoyed by the event, and I have grown even more frustrated since then - especially realizing later that there is even a vent in the house that was missed altogether - and the house was vacant at the time of service so that's hard to believe!
After this experience, I will think twice before using duct works again, and my advice to other consumers is to WATCH the service person at your home to ensure you are getting that for which you are paying top dollar. Without cleaning those vents completely, there is not a lot left that sets these guys apart from the competition. And to have a customer service experience like I did in response to the issue moves the experience rating down another notch. Too bad, it was a great concept.



We are tremendously sorry that we missed an air vent in our cleaning.

We have checked with all managers for notes regarding your call, as all customer service calls are logged in, but show no history of a customer service issue.

Customer service is the cornerstone of Ductworks, Inc. and we would never shy away from our responsibilities. We would be more that happy to return to your home at a time of your convenience. Please contact Chuck Marek at 303.425.0985.

Ductworks - Your Air Duct Cleaning Expert commented on 08/02/2013