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Ductworks provides the Complete Ventilation Cleaning Package, a cleaning process proven to be more effective than any other air duct cleaning method.


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Ductworks - Your Air Duct Cleaning Expert

The storm's a-coming and Jenny's going to be nice and warm!

Initially, when my pilot light went out. I couldn't figure out how to light it. I called Excel Energies and they sent out a gentleman to help me. He told me that my furnace needed to be cleaned and recommended I call Ductworks - Your Air Duct Cleaning Expert. I tried vacuuming it myself, but couldn't tell if that was clean enough. I called Eddy at Ductworks on a Friday, and explained my situation. He let me know that there was an extra charge for weekends, I'm a coupon girl so I decided to dress in layers and wait until Monday.

So, on Monday, one of his techs came out and had a really large shop vac with him. He went downstairs and worked on cleaning it for about an hour. He wasn't sure how to light the pilot light, and neither was I so I called Excel Energies and they said they would come back to light it for me and to make sure no carbon monoxide was leaking. When the man from Excel came out, he showed me that the pilot light was dancing, and that meant it needed to be cleaned better.

I called Ductworks and told Eddy what had happened. He was so nice and apologized for the inconvenience and let me know that he would send someone out with better equipment. The tech arrived with a 2-4 brushes and did a more intense cleaning. He asked if I had ever used the humidifier, which I hadn't in the 20+ years I've lived here and never had my furnace cleaned either. He installed brand new filters and cleaned everything up beautifully.

I really appreciated how everyone from Ductworks stuck with me and had great follow-through, and were even apologetic about the additional visits. On Wednesday, I got heat, and it's a great thing because there's a big storm coming and now I feel prepared to meet it head on! I would highly recommend them to anybody! They will stick with it until they get it right. On top of everything, they are really nice people to work with too.