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Mackinaw, IL

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Horrible Customer Service

Home Theatre Concepts Management is very unorganized. The interesting thing is the owner is the most unorganized of them all. Promised installation date, ended up 2 weeks late. Said it would take 1 day took 3. Went in paid my Bill, came back 2 days later for an additional purchase, and they charged me more saying the 1st bill was incorrect. Wanted WiFi Blueray and they gave me one that was not. Said no problem and asked them to come up with some WIFI system prices, went back in and they quoted me 1 system. Asked for all my remote cables and passwords and they gave me the wrong cord and wasn't sure if the username was correct on my login.

I will say the equipment is nice and works well, and would love to purchase more equipment, (Actually need more things as I speak to finish my system)(Shelves, Theatre seating). Teir customer service LACKS tremendously, VERY UNORGANIZED and INEXPERIENCED.

The worst part about it is the Owner didn't think my word of mouth was worth making things right. SO I AM SPREADING THE WORD. They are also losing lots of my money that could have been theirs had they done the right thing.


Your installation came in the middle of a staffing issue. I tried to explain the situation and that it was not normal. As for the installation date, I did not give you the initial tentative date. I talked you just before the actual installation to set the actual date. As for the time to complete the installation, a mistake was made on the estimated time. We did do the job right and did not charge for the extra time.
The bill was given to you before it was ready and the wi-fi blu-ray player item were mistakes by a new employee. If we would have overcharged you we would have fixed it just the same. The final invoice did correspond to the estimate so there should have been no surprises. We actually did two additional labor items at no charge as a courtesy.
I explained that we did not recommend any blu-ray players that had the features that you wanted at the price you had budgeted. After re-evaluating the latest price/product offerings, that information was confirmed.
As for the password and as explained, it is not needed to reprogram the remote. If you want to do it yourself, you just login and create your own new password. I assume that you located the cable since we have not heard back on that item.
We have been trying to improve now for over 20 years. I care about what our customers think and I hope that we can help you to not feel so bad about the problems that we had on your project. I am glad that you do like the equipment and how it works. I wanted to make sure that you would be happy with the final result. Thank you for the kind words about the system.

Home Theatre Concepts commented on 10/28/2011