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Employment Law Firm that focuses representation on employees and advocating for their rights. We offer a free case evaluation.
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Calhoun, GA

Spielberger Law Group

Very poor quality Law firm

Did nothing for me but waste 8 weeks of my time. Never answered a question with clarity. Said one thing in one email and another in a follow up one. Sent an itinerary letter to my employer that was completely incorrect. Clearly no one read the 4 pages of information they requested prior to sending it. It was completely embarrassing. I’m sure my Employer had no interest in communicating because the letter was choppy and had misinformation throughout. First impressions are everything and that letter was a horrible first Impression. I was completely embarrassed by it as they should have been. Then when I would to agree to the terms she wanted me to agree to she closed my case. Complete waste of time and a absolute Joke.. please look elsewhere if you need real representation. Just looking to get their pay with absolutely no regard for what is in ur best interest or what you want. I would send emails with questions, none of my questions would be answered. Only more of the same. This is what I recommend, then ok since u don’t agree with me then I’m closing your case. A lot of bad reviews where the Law firm does not have control over them. All great reviews when they have control. Please be very Leary and do all ur research prior to hiring this firm.