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Terrible customer service

Worst customer service. So disappointed in whole experience. Never used this company before so decided to try them. Had to deal with several different people during ordering process none of which ever knew anything about my order when I would call to check on it. Was promised a phone call when order came in but never received one. Had to call continuously to find out the status. Weeks after the order was placed we were told we couldn't get the tile because it was indefinitely on back order even though I was Told the previous day it was going to be delivered the next day. Went back to the store to order new tile and had another terrible experience with yet another customer service person who knew nothing about my order. Not helpful at all. Had to wait an hour for someone who had any knowledge of my situation to help me. After another couple hours I had picked out new tile and was assured everything would be made right because of the trouble I had experienced. Got a call 2 days later assuring me my order was on its way. Would be shipped immediately to the store and I could pick up at the end of the week. End of the week came and I had not received any phone call so I decided to call the store. The person who answered my call was very arrogant and rude. I told him I was getting very aggravated at this point because no one knew anything about my order. And it was not at the store as promised. He quite frankly informed me I had no reason to be upset and that they were very busy people with a lot going on. They couldn't know about every order. I explained to him no one ever knew anything and I was tired of wasting time. I was spending quite a bit of money for him to treat me with such indifference. My tile was over $2000.00. Not to mention other products I had bought from them two weeks prior, And the granite that was going to also be purchased to finish the project in the next week. Since my initial experience at the store I have talked with three different people who have used this company and all of them had similar experiences. Some even showed pictures of shotty work that was performed. One persons job had to be completely redone. Floors had to be replaced because they were bumpy and unlevel. The crew doing the work had not removed the floor underneath but had put her new floor over the old one. She still has not paid the balance on the account because she said the company won't come fix the other problems with the sinks she had installed. Gaps between the undercount sink and granite! It's been almost a month now and I still don't have my tile even though it was supposed to be here 2 weeks ago. I'm not happy at all! And still no one knows anything! Only gave one star because I did have one person try to be helpful and apologetic but it still hasn't resolved my issue.


Mrs. R, we certainly apologize for your experience and are happy that we have since remedied the situation. While the time frames on our order log differ somewhat from yours, we acknowledge that it took too long for you to receive your order.
As you know, there were both stocking issues at one of our suppliers as well as holiday shipping issues with the freight carrier. Although approximately half of your order was received promptly by our warehouse, these two issues combined to create the delays for the other half.
The freight carrier that was transporting your tile made the incorrect assumption that we would be closed on Good Friday, and did not deliver your shipment although they were due to do so on that day. This was the date that the distributor promised your second tile selection would be received by us. I personally attempted to mitigate the shipping issue by making a 2.5 hour round trip to pick up the product at the freight terminal, but the carrier would not agree to unload the trailer to allow access to your shipment since they had no equipment operator there that day.
Tile is a highly-specialized product, and we have designated sales people that handle our tile sales to ensure that customers receive the best service and information possible. When you returned to the store to select an alternative tile, all of our tile sales staff were busy with other customers, and unfortunately this caused you to have to wait for someone to assist you, and I apologize for that. Also, when you phoned to check on your second order the sales person answering the phone was unfamiliar with your specific order, and I was standing by his desk and when he was in the process of telling you that our buyer had the distributor on the other line regarding your shipment when the line somehow went dead. I apologize if he seemed uncaring about your situation, as that was not his or our intent.
Once we had exhausted every effort to get your tile here that day as outlined above, I phoned you back and offered my apologies and other concessions, and your tile arrived the next business day, a little less than 3 weeks from the date when your initial order was placed.
Regarding the other customers you mentioned, I really cannot address their concerns since I do not know who they are. I do acknowledge that we are committed to total customer satisfaction regardless of cost to us, and if it takes re-doing an entire job at our expense to ensure that both our customer and FC&T are satisfied with the end result, as referenced in your review, we will go to those lengths. We have been in business since 1964, and our half-century of service to the area is a testament to that commitment.
Again, we apologize for the unusual delays, and are confident that your tile will give your home many years of added value, style, functionality, and durability. If we can be of service to you in the future, please ask for me to personally assist you.
Mike Barker-General Manager

Florence Carpet and Tile commented on 04/20/2017