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ReBath Northeast

I recommend them but you have to watch closely.

I've had people call about ReBath Northeast and I usually give them glowing reviews but I was just in the bathroom and noticing the paint that I have to do after they had to remove baseboards. They were painted when they took them off so I thought they would have to paint them back and even though I was told that they wouldn't and I said fine, now that I am looking at it and getting ready to paint it, I am noticing that the $@!#% is not paintable which they knew about then and it is going to make it not very easy for me to deal with it. I have to put tape on it very precisely and it takes a while.

So, there are some stuff that I'm going to have to go through. I'm in my late 60s so it's going to be tricky given that I am no longer as flexible. Before I gave everyone a 10 because everybody did a great job but now that I'm painting and cleaning, I'm wishing that they would have done things differently. It's going to take me longer and I wished they would have come up with a better way to do it.

There's also one little space where they did the baseboard and there's a little space there and I don't like. I will live with it but I don't like it. I'm sure they had to see it when they did it and maybe they should have cut the tile a little bigger.

I would still tell people about them but I would also encourage them to watch closely and look it over each day and point things that they don't like each day. I just trusted them and I guess it might be good to be a little less trusting.

I'm sure that nobody else will see it but I will, I guess I am particular that way.