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Mickle Electric & Heating Inc

Defensive Response

I was very pleased with the initial interactions with Mickle. They were prompt and courteous and believed they were the best choice for bringing an old house' electricity up to code and safe.

However, the actual work was filled with shortcuts and messes (workers left electric trail/crumbs along their route) by an employee who seemed to be above the job - and apparently milked the books to make it appear as if he was working - about twice as much as he did.

When I questioned the few things I had issues with - the response was defensive… I just wanted things done by someone who cared enough to not toss their garbage around, and do things the "right way" - not the simplest.

Needless to say, I fired them when they were half-way through the job. I requested an itemized statement for the work completed (albeit some would have to be redone). I'm STILL waiting for statement (it's been months).

The 6-room house and garage were to be updated - and working per specs of order… there isn't ONE ROOM with fully operable outlets/switches/electricity.

Mickle's guy left me in the dark - literally.

I need to have working electricity in EVERY room - and the outside lights. To have another company finish Mickle's shoddy job is unfortunate. As mentioned, it all started fine - it was the actual WORK I have a problem with - and the issue with being overcharged (they did about 30% of the job, but are charging me 80% with no explanation/breakdown on their bill)

Today I received a threat to have a lien on my property due to non-payment of the entire bill…. because - I'm STILL WAITING FOR THE INVOICE! My calls, emails, voicemail requests for invoice are ignored.

I don't understand why someone would be get so defensive. I'm not MAD at the shortcuts - some people are just like that… fine.. so FIX IT!!! Don't be arrogant and threaten people…

What a waste of energy…. mine, theirs, yours…