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Established in 1991, Suntrek Industries, Inc. is a leading provider of solar electricity, hot water, and pool heating systems.


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Yucaipa, CA

Suntrek Solar

They are the best company that I have dealt with.

I live in a housing association, and I used to have SunTrek Solar's sign in my front law, but I was told that I am not allowed to have it there. There are so many restrictions regarding solar. Even though it looks like the government is for solar power, it is not as easy as it looks. Housing associations don't want it, they don't want it on the roofs, and they can give a lot of hassle.

If the government really wanted to promote it they should remove all taxation on it and subsidize companies in order to mass produce solar panels so that the price would go down. We are hanging on to oil because the lobbyists for oil companies are allowed to pour money into the government. I find it very difficult to promote solar power.

It took a long time to find a good company like SunTrek Solar that would give me a good system at a good price. Many companies are outrageous in their pricing. Solar panels on the average size home will completely support all the electricity that the average family needs. I have proved it for myself. My solar system is even taking care of the air conditioning.

It is important to know what power you need and how much of a system to get. Many solar companies are just putting in a small, cheap, support system. This turns people off of the idea of solar because it is not doing a good enough job. The idea is to buy them so you don't have to pay the electric company.

What SunTrek did for me was perfect. You could not have a better team and better work. The company is fantastic. They are the best company that I have dealt with. I had a lot of bids throughout a couple of years and I had gotten nowhere. A lot of information was wrong, and there were prices floating all over the place. However, SunTrek Solar is an A1 company. I approve of them 100%.

If someone wants to talk with a person who has solar already, you can talk with me. I have used it now for 6 months. I have plenty of power to get me through the summer. I record data everyday and look at the performance. I have a testing engineering background and want to see how the system performs. I am sold on the system.

I didn't get solar just to avoid electricity bills, but because it is green and the right thing to do. We have to take care of the planet. We could be a world leader in fighting pollution, but we won't be because the government is not truly making it a priority.

Paul Longshore