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Aramendia Plumbing Heating & Air is an industry-leading plumbing and HVAC service company providing residential, commercial and industrial services to San Antonio.


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Aramendia Plumbing Heating & Air

Promises and Appointments NOT KEPT

I am at my wits end trying to get our A/C unit fixed. Every year Armendia has come out to our home to fix a problem with our unit. To be fair not all the problems have been of their causing the unit is either a lemon, inferior parts and/or installed incorrectly. Still every time someone has come out it has been a different person. So every time we have to rehash the problems we are having with the unit. Several times Armendia has promised to be at our home within a time frame and has not kept that time. Also I have over heard conversations where one of the techs has said they didn’t know what to do and had someone WALK them through fixing our A/C. Last year we were told a part was broken needed replacing and we would have to wait a day for the part, No A/C for that day either. I over heard the conversation with the tech telling the office he felt it was a circuit board but they told him to tell us it was another part. We waited for installation of course to find out it was the board, with it being a weekend we had to wait until the following Tuesday for the board of course in the heat of summer with no A/C. Parts have been brought that were wrong and installed incorrectly too causing the unit not to work or over work and us taking more time off from work to be there for repair and RE-repairs. For the last three months we have had to call them out, as we have for several years, the unit is not cooling properly and runs constantly. Not at one time in the last three months did anyone check to see if the coils were working properly they just charge the unit and say that should fix it. Like putting a band aid on an bleeding artery. Finally I took it upon myself to request a manager come out. He of course found the leaking coil and said it had to be replaced; he also told me our unit was the third in two days. We scheduled for a week and a half later, plenty of time to order the coil and make sure the crew could come in the morning as it’s over 100 by afternoon. Appoint time set for 9 to 930am on Friday. By 10am they are a no show. AFTER We called, found out the crew went to pick the coil from the parts place, why it wasn’t done a week before is not known; only to find out it was damaged and that is all they had. This has happened to us before with Armendia not getting parts correctly in advance. Poor decision making on their part, how hard would it of been to get everything you need for a job BEFORE the day you are to work!! Crew went to second shop to pick up a coil and then we were told it would be after 12pm before they would arrive, really over 3 hours to get a new part? All that wasted morning time so work would then have to be done in heat of day with unit turned off. After not showing up by noon another call was placed to find out it would be after 130pm. By 2pm with a no show we cancelled the job and said make it EARLY Saturday. Hoping they show on time and with a new Correct and Working coil. Angry this has happened so many times before with this company. Don’t use them if you don’t have too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If it were not for a warranty issue I would not be.