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Aramendia Plumbing Heating & Air is an industry-leading plumbing and HVAC service company providing residential, commercial and industrial services to San Antonio.


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Aramendia Plumbing Heating & Air

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Aramendia had replaced a toliet for me over two years ago. From the very beginning the handle would stick causing the toliet to run. Also after flushing sometimes it would run until you jiggled the handle a couple of times.
I had someone from Aramendia come out regarding these problems on different occasions. The first time I was told the toliet was set up to flush three times and then would run and run to fill up the reservoir. Since I didn't know anything about how the new toliets worked, I believed what I was told. I had problems with the handle sticking and again they came out to check it. I was told everything was fine and they couldn't find anything wrong. One night the toliet ran the whole night and I didn't realize it until the next morning. Our water bill refected that incident. Finally, a month ago, I called Aramendia and a guy came out tightened a screw which took all of 5 minutes and told me it was fixed. I was charged $135.00. I was not happy. A few days after he left, the handle stuck and on another occasion the water kept running. I had to wait until we came back from a trip to call Aramendia to complain again. I called this morning and not 15 minutes later I was called back to let me know someone was on their way. I was so surprised. When the gentlemen arrived, I told them what was going on with the toliet. They were very polite and went right to work trying to figure out what was causing the problems. After working on it for awhile, I was told by one of them that he had to go out to his truck for a part that might help the situation. Both he and his partner came back in with a whole new tank. I asked how much this was going to cost me and was told no charge. You could have knocked me over with a feather. He apologized for the problems I was having and said Aramendia wanted me to be happy and,therefore was replacing the tank free of charge. I had goose bumps because you just don't find that type of service anywhere anymore. I was all set for an argument from Aramendia and a dispute but what I got was understanding and excellent service. I am a business owner and have always put customer satisfaction first but rarely found it when I dealt personally with businesses. I will certainly spread the word about Aramendia Plumbing and how they are a honest,respectable, fair company. Thank you so very much for restoring my faith and belief that there are companies out there that you can trust to do a good job and stand behind their work. Many, many thanks.