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Mr. Transmission of Marietta

Stay Away!! Customer Service, Communication, and Timely Repairs are foreign concepts to these people.

STAY AWAY!!!! I have already filed a formal complaint with AAA because they have been a AAA rated shop. I am not unfamiliar with auto repairs and even had a transmission rebuilt here about 8 years ago. I don't know who left, but it was clearly the ethical, customer-service oriented one. My daughter and I dropped her car off on the 16th of February, a Tuesday, after I called the week before to be sure they could take it. Obviously she's old enough to drive so she heard everything said. I was told they would call by that afternoon. With limited autos, my daughter had to pick me up at work and since I had received no call, we ran by. I was told it was the transmission, would cost between 1800-2200 depending on whether I went with after market parts and someone would call the next day with a parts list for approval after they tore it down. I asked what time frame for getting it back looked like. He said if the parts came in and everything was fine, maybe Saturday, Monday at the latest (that would be Feb 22). I was required to make arrangements through a Car Care plan (since I didn't have the amount readily available) for the 21 hours of labor or a total of 1098.00. I knew that 21 hours was reasonable for a transmission rebuild so I had no concerns.
No one called on Wednesday, so I called on Thursday and was told someone would call one called. I called again on one called back until around 7 pm. I was then told that there was a problem and I would have to have a valve body replacement to the tune of 900-1300 dollars. I had to pay this cost right then because they wouldn't order it until I did. Note this is 7pm on a FRIDAY!!! They have had it at this point since Tuesday morning. No one called but when I would call, I was told that someone would call. Finally on Wednesday, Feb 24, I called again and was told that the mechanic working on my car was at lunch. He never called back. I called that afternoon and was told he went home for a family emergency. I called first thing Thursday morning and spoke with "Josh" the mechanic who tried explaining how they got the wrong part and he had no idea when the right one would be in. Then another mechanic took the phone and said that he was tired of me checking on the status of my car (never mind my daughter has no transportation at this point), that he was tired of people complaining about a lack of communication because they didn't have time to update customers on their car repairs, that he didn't care what I wrote about them, and that I just needed to be patient because I didn't understand how car repair worked. Ladies beware....they think we are all stupid.
I have had multiple cars with transmission rebuilds. This shouldn't have been so challenging for them. Still no commitment to when we would get the car back, but hopefully when the right part came in, it would be the first of the following week. Keep in mind that we would be going on 14 total days (12 business days) by that point. No communication. My husband called and got the same runaround. He called the next day and said he was sending a tow truck for the car if someone didn't call him back. They did but again no estimate on when the car would be ready. He called the next day and it was 'waiting for a lift.' I called that evening and was told the part still hadn't come in. We are now at 15 business days and guess Car!!
Here's what I think happened. First, they accepted the job when they were already overloaded. Second, the car repair was essentially paid for by the end of the first week so why hurry? Third, they are generally short staffed and too cheap to hire good help that could ensure the correct parts are ordered for cars, that they are ordered in a timely manner, and who could update the customers because regardless of what they think, communication matters.
Besides the fact that we will NEVER take a car near their shop again, we are going to have their work checked because I no longer trust them, and we will be sharing our review with every review site we can access. When AAA tried to call for an update, they were nice enough to be rude and evasive to that representative so the complaint has been forwarded for contract review. I am sincerely hoping they lose their rating since they have such poor communication and customer service skills that they were rude to the AAA representative, My daughter has been devastated and my entire family put through the ringer trying to work and shuffle kids. I would not have left my car with them if they had been honest about their backlog from the beginning. I would have probably tried them again if I needed help. Their greed has cost them at least my business and probably more.