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Bensalem, PA

Chem-Dry by the Millers

Poor service, avoid them!!!!

I called the owner of Chem-Dry by the Millers on Friday (7/11/2014, 4:07pm) when I returned from my trip. The carpet cleaning service was performed 7/8/2014. The company was here 50 minutes total, with 10 minutes of actual cleaning work. When I called I asked the owner how long his technicians should have worked to clean the rug, and he said about an hour or two. I informed him that my home surveillance shows the technicians using the equipment for 10 (ten) minutes total. He argued and said that is impossible. He kept saying they were there longer and they are very good technicians. I continued to remind him, that I HAVE VIDEO EVIDENCE OF MY CLAIMS. I offered to send him a copy of the video, at my expense to make a point. He then went on to say that he knew I wanted a cheap price, so he did the best job for the price I paid. At this point I was very insulted, and kindly asked the owner what are my options as a dissatisfied customer. He said he could send out the same guys for additional fee. I said since those guys did a poor job, why would I want them to return. At this point, he became very irritated that I was letting him know that I was unhappy with the service performed. I mentioned I would have to escalate the issue to Chem-Dry corporate and he said, it doesnt matter because he is an independent franchisee. As he ended the call, he said he knew I would trouble from the beginning, because I had inquired about the price of the job. I began to tell him, I never have an issue paying for satisfactory work, but his team was very rude, and the work performed was very disappointing. He then proceeded to hang up on me, and would not answer a follow up call. I then proceeded to call Capital One for assistance with this matter. My next actions include a call and complaint to the Better Business Bureau, and Chem-Dry corporate office.


How upsetting, we are surprised to read all your derogatory remarks you are posting on here and on our PERSONAL social media sites. Mr. Timothy Cohen, as a Security Manager at Alpha Systems we would expect you would give us an opportunity to try and rectify the situation with a return service at no charge to you, which we did offer several times. We are very surprised you would put this much effort into hurting a small business for no reason other than to be unprofessional or not to pay your bill which you must know can impact us small business owners. You mention that we only spent 10 minutes cleaning, however what you described in your conversation with our office manager was only a very small portion of our cleaning process. What else would two employees be doing for 50 minutes if they were not cleaning? You were not present as you state during the cleaning and your wife was and signed that she was satisfied with the work when we finished. Further, your step-father was present and even tipped our two Technicians(tips are rare in this field). I don't know why he would have done that if he was not happy with what he observed. Mr. Cohen, I am not sure why you decided to target our business but we are sorry this is the route you decided to take, we certainly would have liked to help you with any concerns you had.

Chem-Dry by the Millers commented on 07/24/2014