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ACC Medlink is the premier Long Distance Medical Transport provider in the United States.


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New Braunsels , TX

ACC Medlink

They Made A Horrible, Stressful, Traumatic 36 Hour Trip Easier

Our family hired ACC Medlink to transport my brother from California to Texas. ACC Medlink had three staff members to accompany/drive us on this very long journey. Eric, Jonathan and Raul had tremendous comradery! They were very much attuned to my brother and I and to themselves. For us, this was the only way we could get my brother back to Texas and closer to family!

This was a very long, horrible, stressful, and traumatic trip. During this long journey we had to make two emergency stops along the way for my brother to be seen at hospitals in the area we were in. This meant that ACC Medlink had to put everything on hold, they are bound to a schedule and this interruption was not planned for in their itinerary. They never once showed any sign of annoyance at this interruption. They were amazingly caring and thoughtful and proceeded with safety and caution for my brother and did what was necessary for his health and safety. They just continued on as if there had been no interruptions. That level of professionalism and dedication for their patient is absolutely outstanding!

Their attentiveness did not only extend to my brother but to me as well. I get car sick if I am not riding in front either driving or as a front seat passenger. In this case I was in back of the transport with my brother. I got really car sick, I mean I got it really bad and they stopped for me! They waited patiently while I got myself back together and again they never said anything about running behind or being inconvenienced, not one word was uttered between the three of them! They had eaten earlier and at the time I was not feeling well and had not had anything to eat. They made a special stop for me so that I could get something to eat! They absolutely, without hesitation went above and beyond to help my brother and myself during this 36 hour drive that was taken during the Fourth of July weekend! I cannot say enough good stuff about the service that my brother and myself received!

I want to convey that this type of trip, a trip to help a sick loved one over many states bringing them closer to family is costly. Of the many transportation companies that we had contacted they were not the most expensive and not the cheapest either but the most reasonably priced for this service. If a trip could be made less stressful ACC Medlink was able to make this horrible, stressful, traumatic trip easier under the circumstances!