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Boiling Springs, SC

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My mother was being transported from FL to SC. Per ACC advertising there would be a three member team for transport. There were only two members for transport. A driver and I believe he was an EMT. This is a long trip with a client who is a two person assist. The trip took longer than expected due to traffic and road construction. I was not notified of delay and I had to call ACC to find out where transport was after waiting two hours pass time transport was supposed to have arrive. My mother arrived full of sweat and dehydrated. She was told there was nothing for her to drink and they could not get anything for her to drink. Part of the large fee was drinks and snacks. I am sure that my mother was not tended too either. My mother told me she had to call for someone to come to the back if she needed something. Meaning she was left by herself the entire trip and not truly cared for! Also, when they arrived I was not allowed to see her right away and one of the attendants took about 30 minutes with her which I would presume was to clean her up. The other stood guard outside the vehicle not to let us inside. Her pants were urine soaked. The driver was rude and sarcastic when I spoke with him. My mother mentioned she did not like the driver after we were able to get her settled. I understood why from my dealing with him. He should not be around elderly people or people with medical issues. I was also not happy to have two male attendants for my mother. I will add however, that the EMT was very nice. I paid a lot of money to have my mother transported and WELL taken care of on this journey. I am very dissatisfied with ACC performance and would not recommend for a long distance transport . Maybe local, but never for long distance. This was a very disappointing and trying experience!


Holly sorry we didn't meet your needs wish you had come on the transport maybe you would have seen how hard we work. For shorter trip during the day we sometimes utilize 2 person crew within what is safe as safety is our first priority. Male crew or not our staff like in a hospital are professional. We do stop to clean patient for safety of patient and crew. We have coolers full of drinks and snacks for everyone. We call families when there are long delays but, most families have no problem calling us sorry it was not convenient to you. The Med staff sit sometimes in front of the patient these are large vehicles and sometime they are out of visual range of the patient.

ACC Medlink commented on 12/11/2017