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Successful Outcome but expensive and administratively difficult

4 foot flourescent kitchen light fixture would not work with 2 LED replacements...did work with one LED and one dying flourescent. Called Ungerman and they were able to schedule work for 2 days later...first thing in the morning. Tech arrived on time and I really liked him. He put the two LEDs into the light fixture, first it did not work, then he turned one bulb around and worked. I even turned the light off and back on again, and it worked. Tech explained that it was "polarity." Tech also explained if I had further trouble might need to replace ballast. Tech apologized for the fact that I had to pay the full hourly fee of $135 plus tax for a few minutes of work.

That evening I went to turn the light on....and nothing. This was Friday at 4:50 pm. I immediately called Ungerman and was told that the tech's day was done, and I would hear first thing Monday.

I called Monday morning around 8:15, was told the director of operations was not in, but would call me. I called at 10:15 and was told the director of operations comes in after 11:00. This person nicely apologized that I was not told I would not hear before 11:00. Around 11:30 I received a call, and the soonest available was Wednesday, but if an opening came up, I would be called. At 3:00 pm I received a call, and was told the tech would be available after the call he was on. Approximately one hour later, the tech showed up. I was OVERJOYED. I had rescheduled my entire morning around scheduling the appointment, and after much stress...things were resolved...........BUT

The tech explained he had to replace the ballast. Fortunately, he had one with him and he did the job. Things seemed to work, and the light is working.....BUT the bill:

I payed $135 on Friday and was told I would have to pay another $135 service call and the cost of the ballast. Of course I have no issue with $75 (approximately) for the ballast but the full cost of another service call. The tech called the office and got some reduction in the service call, I think $15.....because my total bill came to $205.

To summarize, $350 to replace a ballast in a 4 foot fluorescent light fixture, AND a totally stressful Monday morning arranging an appointment time.

I can wholeheartedly recommend the tech who did the work....he was a pleasure to work with. The director of operations was pleasant and got back to me with a fill in time. It was the other person who answered the phone who should have told me I would not hear back until after 11 AM.........So, a successful outcome, but VERY expensive and overly stress inducing.