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Albany, NY

Ungerman Electric Inc

Disappointing at best

Tech was late, lost, lame excuse for being so. Left a complete mess, I guess it's the customer's responsibility to clean up after the work is done. Price was an absolute rip off and charged for the time it took the tech to get here. We are usually very loyal. Last time with Ungerman Electric


We take customer satisfaction very seriously, and in fact we have an independent company evaluate every service call. the Krouners have used our service 11 times since 2017 without incidence. In this particular case their son used our service. After review with our team and conversation with the client, here is what we know:
1) Our tech did get lost; however, he did call the client to let him know the status. However, it was clear that the customer was upset and this set the tone for the entire encounter. Even before our tech reached the destination, the client texted us saying that we were not sending the A team. Even in his review, the client comments that getting lost was some “lame excuse”. To error is human and we did the best we could to keep the client aware.
2)We did not charge for our tech getting "lost". We quoted 1 hour to do the job and that is what we charged; however, the client did ask for us to procure a light fixture and that time was billed
3)Clean-up is part of the job! While each tech has a vacuum cleaner, the tech asked the client if he could borrow a broom and dustpan. There was no dustpan, so the tech used a piece of paper as a make shift dustpan. The client did offer to help with the clean-up. In the future, we will institute a service call completion check list of which the client will verify that we completed assigned tasks such as “clean-up” to their satisfaction to avoid any confusion.
4) The client did say the tech was a nice person and did a competent job. In fact, the tech has received some of the best reviews for our team.

Ungerman Electric Inc commented on 06/01/2023