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Standard TV & Appliance Beaverton

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Two experiences to illustrate the customer service excellence at this store.

First experience- my wife and I needed a new fridge because our old one died a few summers ago. A salesman helped us find an affordable replacement that fit the space and sent it that day. Later I saw it advertised for less. With a phone call, the price was confirmed by an employee at Standard and Standard sent us a refund for a few hundred dollars. Beside the savings of the price discount we also saved money on groceries that didn't spoil. All due to excellent customer service.

Second experience (shortened) -my wife and I bought a mattress to replace an aging tempurpedic. Deal included mattress protector and box spring thrown in as well as a price thousands less than the retail price. Loved it. Mattress broke 6 months later. Standard helped us with The manufacturer to claim warranty refund, at that point the manager Sai got personally involved in helping with communication between the different parties involved. The mattress was discontinued and an exact replacement was unavailable, which was nobody's fault. Standard shipped a similar mattress but one step down in quality at no cost to us (it was all they had). We did not like it at all, and my wife was about 8 months pregnant by then. Two horrible nights later we both went back to Standard and tried another mattress which was in the store and paid the difference at a significant discount. New mattress was shipped that afternoon at no cost. After 21 days I realized it was too stiff for me to sleep on my side but otherwise we liked it. As per the comfort guarantee we wanted a more plush mattress....which wasn't in the store to try. Manager ordered an excellent mattress to be brought in from another store so we could try it and he would offer a discounted price. We decided to replace our mattress with the same one we had but in a plush version. Total cost: $59 delivery.

It was a difficult situation to be in and buying a mattress is a tough personal decision which involves finding something that makes two people happy and high end mattresses aren't cheap. Perry Palo and the manager Sai bent over backwards to make sure we were both happy in the end. They were patient and VERY willing to help my wife when the first replacement was making her very uncomfortable. In the end both stories show a commitment to customer satisfaction at a cost of time (spent a lot of time working through the steps) and cost (discounts, a free same day delivery...etc.). I'm very glad we stuck with it because in the end they proved that our satisfaction mattered and we were happy.

Just try getting that kind of customer service anywhere else. I doubt there are many retail stores that would display such patience and commitment to the customer. People don't often write enough good reviews but the least I can do to pay them back is to show others the kinds of stories that don't always make it to a review site. Their customer service ethos make a very good argument to continue to buy other appliances there...water heaters, washer driers, TVs, stoves, dishwashers etc...