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worst ever!!!!!!! please read star not deserved

We bought a washer in dryer on Black Friday weekend, to our miss fortune we were told that they could not deliver for 1 week but that it should be in by the following Friday. Guess what it was not, we were then told for sure by Tuesday, guess what definitely by Thursday, so good news Delivery was finally set for that Saturday, The Driver rolled in. Evaluated the situation and told my husband that it would not fit. But a 30” set would for sure.
We went back that very day to get a new one washer and dryer; upset because we had never been told there are different sizes to washer and dryers, never thought it really matter the space we had before (at old House) there was plenty of room it was never an issue. Our Sales person looked at me and said I have been doing this a long time I always tell people there is a variance in sizes. I said I was paying pretty close attention did not hear you say that ….. He said well it was because you were so excited to get a new washer and dryer you did not listen….. My response was I really was not excited about buying a washer and dryer mine stopped working I was left little choice. The choice I clearly did have was where I went to purchase it.
Product was in stock and was a 30” based on what the driver had recommended. Had to pay an additional 140.00 dollars black Friday’s prices are over……
We could not have it delivered the next day because they were closing for their Christmas party ….. Bummer but we are not scrooges we get it so Monday right????? No Tuesday ok I am just happy to get my washer and dryer since my old one died and have been having to go to the laundry mat which really sucks when to have to carry all those loads up and down 2 flights of stairs.
Tuesday comes and guesses what??? Yep this driver says it will not fit! Now I am really upset we have to go back again and order a new one, again!!!! Ok we are rolling with this whole ordeal because what choice do we clearly have? Alas we now have a washer and dryer.
But this is not the end of our experience, we have now had our washer and dryer for perhaps 2 weeks and Friday January 9th the Dryer stops working “bad motor”, and we are flying to Hawaii at 3:00 am Saturday morning, so the first appointment we get is Monday but we could not make that apt due to prior engagements it is then scheduled for Wednesday to be repaired our daughter has agreed to be there in our place keeping in mind we are out of town. The repair guy calls in sick. We call and throw a fit (imagine that?) next guy scheduled for the following Wednesday, comes out Tells us it’s a “bad motor” and they will need to order it. It will take a week to get it then about another week out to Schedule an appointment to repair it. Today they came out and I got to tell you that I was really surprised they were coming out, up until the guy had no clue that anyone else had been there so he did not bring the new motor, and just as my husband is trying to deal with that part of the disaster they call me to schedule that repair because the part Is now in. I have scheduled it for Thursday this week but you can imagine we are pretty upset at this point so I ask the girl on the phone where she rated on the managerial scale there, she explains to me that she just sets the schedules for repair I ask to talk with her manager and of course he is not unavailable. I explain to her that if they value us as customers at all because this is not our first purchase there and I feel that after a dish washer and a stove and now a washer and dryer at this rate the next thing would be a refrigerator…… we should mean something to Standard (right?) You think he would call me very soon…. That was at 2:05 pm ……. Guess how valuable we are? It is now after 5:12 pm Wow!!!!!!!! That is all I have to say