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Keith McNeil Plumbing Contractor, Inc. is the largest PURE plumber in Tallahassee. Which means we leave heating and air conditioning to the other guys


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Keith Mc Neill Plumbing Contr

Locating and replacing a pressure reduction valve.

Paul arrived at the house and quickly introduced himself. I was impressed with his personality right away. I told him when I turned on the water it would start out with good pressure and then slow down to almost nothing. He said it was most likely the pressure reduction valve. He starting digging near the water meter where the valve is usually located but could not find the valve. I wasn't sure where the water line entered the house, but based on past experience, Paul started digging near the clean-out in the garden by the front door. He found the water line in the first hole he dug and with a little probing he found the box and the reduction valve. The line ran from the meter, under the driveway, and near the front door where it went through the pressure reduction valve and into the house. After Paul explained that all of the pipe between the meter and the pressure reduction valve wasn't protected from high water pressure, he recommended that we install the new valve near the water meter as it should be. I was totally amazed that Paul was able to find the valve so quickly and make the repairs in such a timely manner. Apparently this valve has been bad for quite some time (like 5 years) as now we can actually run the clothes washer and take a shower at the same time. We just thought it was bad water pressure from the city. This repair was well worth the money!! Paul was very pleasant, and he surely knew what he was doing. I have found my plumber in Tallahassee and will gladly recommend McNeill Plumbing to my friends. Thank you, Paul and McNeill Plumbing.