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Keith McNeil Plumbing Contractor, Inc. is the largest PURE plumber in Tallahassee. Which means we leave heating and air conditioning to the other guys


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Keith Mc Neill Plumbing Contr

Toxin Shield and no salt water softener

Thank you for introducing me to the Toxin Sheild and No-Salt Water Softener products. My water tastes much more crisp and fresh coming directly out of the tap, and the softer water results in my using less cleaning product as soap lathers much faster. The fact that it is a no-salt water softener means it is a double plus for the environment; no salt being dumped back into the public water system, and less soap going down the drain as well. My hair feels smoother, is more manageable, and shinier. The installation process was quick and professionally done, and I look forward to using the system for years to come.