Bonded Waterproofing Systems

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Basement Waterproofing and Mold Remediation for commercial and residential structures. "Life of the building" transferable warranty. NJ Family owned for 35 years.


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Brooklyn, NY

Bonded Waterproofing Systems

Worst company ever. Scammers.

Horrible company. Arnie is worse than a Craigslist scammer. I have never left a review on any site, but this company warranted me writing one. Hopefully if you are considering them or are on the fence, look elsewhere. The only reason I hired Bonded is because I needed waterproofing before I left for a few weeks and they guaranteed it would be done before I left town. I needed French drains and a sump pump installed and tile replacement.

Everything seemed fine until the first day of work. It was supposed to be a two day job. Arnie said 8 workers would be present to expedite the process. The first day only 4 people show up with barely any materials. The workers wait 5 hours to receive materials from Staten Island. The workers were ready to call it quits and do it another day. After hounding Arnie they got the materials and completed the job late into the night. All good, $@!#% happens, right? As long as it gets done the next day.

The next day they were a no show. I took a day off work and waited around all day. I keep getting $@!#% stories from Arnie leading me on and he promises they will be there the next day bright and early. But, I'm not a moron, they already had my deposit check, but $@!#% if they are getting money from my second check for the first part of the job; I put a stop payment on it as retainer that they complete the job they promised.

So, I take another day off work and low and behold, they are no shows again. I'm screwed now. I have a smashed up basement. All my office has been packed up to allow them to work and now I am leaving. I was promised the second I get back they would finish the tiling work free of charge. Fine. I'm $@!#% but there isn't anything I can do while I'm away. I set up an appointment for the day after I get back into town. Of course, the night before I return I get a message saying there was another problem and they wouldn't be able to be there. I would hear from them that week and that was the last time I heard from them.