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Since 1888, Hollander has successfully served our moving and storage customers by staying true to our commitment.
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Hollander Moving International
1801 Pratt Blvd, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, USA
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Madison, WI

Hollander Moving International

Decent company but don’t expect your goods to arrive soon.

We hired Hollander to ship our one bedroom apartment from Wisconsin to Germany.

- very good customer service (Ben W. and Aaron P. provided quick responses, detailed and professional answers to all our questions);
- all our stuff was carefully packed; no damages ocurred apart from a couple of broken plates and a small scratch on kitchen table;

- very long delivery dates (10 weeks instead of announced 6-8). It took the company 6 weeks to load our stuff on a ship.
- very costly insurance. Unless you are ready to prepare a detailed list of each spoon, book, etc. in your household together with its value, you have to insure your goods by their weight. The fee is 2.5% of goods value, where the latter is $15/lb.

My employer paid for the move, so the cost of the move together with insurance (around $7,000) was less of a concern for me.

I can recommend this company but don’t expect your goods to arrive soon. I wonder if there is another company out there with the same customer service but faster delivery times and more flexible insurance policies.