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We may be called Precision IMPORT Service, But we also work on domestic vehicles, SUV, and mini-vans as well.


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Precision Import Service

I can't tell if they did a good job under the hood and I can't trust that they did.

I brought the car to Precision Import Service for service after 90,000 miles and wanted to change my air filters. I cannot speak to whether they did that part of the well since I am not a mechanic and I have no way to check under the hood. But my car also had a CD stuck in the CD player and I asked them if they could check to see whether the CD could be removed and the player fixed. When I got the car back, they said they couldn't do anything and would refer me to a specialist instead.

A few days later, my husband pointed out to me that the panel around the CD player was broken and that there were several screws missing. Instead of fixing it or making the effort to do things right, they just propped the panel up and let it stand loose. The problem wasn't immediately visible and I didn't think to check then that the panel was put back right.

I thought about taking the car back to Precision Import Service, but decided not to. I took it to the specialist and he fixed it for me. He was also commenting about how bad the job was, in his professional opinion. Though Precision Import Service didn't charge me for trying to fix the CD player, I will never go back. My trust in them is broken and now I am also nervous about whether they did a good job on everything else.

My friend had recommended them to me and takes her cars there regularly with great service, so I don't know what went wrong this time.


Olga we did not do anything to the cd player because we were not sure how to get the cd out without damaging the player. We did not take any screws out that mount the face plate into the dash. I am sorry that you feel that we did a bad job, but I promise you we did not touch any screws on the dash. This is why I recommended the specialist because they could do the job without damging anything. The only thing that the mechanic did was touch the eject button to see if the disc would come out. The mechanic that worked on your van is my business partner and half owner of Precision Import Service. He is one of the best technicians around and would never do anything to compromise any of our customers car. I am sorry that you felt we had done this to your van. We did do everything that we had talked about for the service on your van and I am sorry that you felt like you were done wrong. Olga maybe the Nissan dealer had loosened up the player. I am glad that the specailist was able to take care of the cd being stuck inside the player, I knew that they would get the job done for you.
Steve Wynkoop Owner/Service advisor

Precision Import Service commented on 10/02/2012