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We may be called Precision IMPORT Service, But we also work on domestic vehicles, SUV, and mini-vans as well.


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Vienna, VA

Precision Import Service

They are not only expensive, but their work is also hit or miss.

My car stalled on me twice one afternoon and I decided to bring it to Precision and have it checked. They were nice to accept it without prior arrangement. I got a call the next morning and was told that the check engine light came on while it was being tested. I agreed to have it diagnosed and was later told that the purge valve, which is part of the emission system... needs to be replaced. I told them to go ahead and replace it.

I picked up the car when they told me it was ready and drove it home with no issues. After two days of using it, the check engine light came on again. When I reported it, I was told that the check engine light was never reset because it did not come on after the purge valve was installed and to bring it back so they can reset it.

I brought the car back, but sometime during the day, I got a call from them telling me that the ignition switch does not feel right and needs to be replaced.

Thinking it might have something to do with the issue, I agreed to have it replaced.

Picked up the car hoping they have solved the problem, but after three days of using it, the light was back on again. After being charged almost $700, the problem was never solved.

I brought the car back which sat there for a day... only to be told the next day, that they think they may have found the problem, but can't work on it until after three days.I took the car and drove it home with CEL still on. It was very disappointing.

Without any assurance that they have found the real problem,I decided not to bring the car back because I began to realize that it was a hit or miss situation and the bill was running up.

Lesson learned.."take it to a dealer" They are expensive, but they hit the nail on the head with real precision... no back and forth.


Percy, we are sorry that we could not find the problem sooner than we did. We did narrow down the problem to leaking fuel hoses at the top of the fuel tank and we did let you know that the fuel tank would need to come out of the car to verify which hoses were leaking. We did do diagnosis on the car 2 times at no charge after the intitail diagnosis. The ignition switches on these cars can be and have been a problem for years on this model Volvo and this is what was causing the stalling problem you were having with the car. I am sorry that you felt like you needed to take the car to a Volvo dealer to have it repaired after we had found what was wrong with the car. Sometimes diagnosing on any of todays cars can be challenging to say the least, but we felt like we teated you honestly and did provide some free diagnosing to find the problem. We also provided a 10 off senior discount to help with the price of the repairs. Sorry that you felt like we were taking advatage of you, we were trying to help you figure out what was going on with the car. I feel like we did a good job working with you.

Thank you for the review,

Steve & Don

Precision Import Service commented on 07/24/2012