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Offering Residential and Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Services, House Cleaning, Window Cleaning, supplies are provided & you'll have the same maid every time.


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San Diego, CA

Super Bright Cleaning Service


I am disappointed in Super Bright Cleaning Service. David was good to work with, but I had numerous issues with the cleaner that came out to do the work. She seemed to prioritize cleaning quickly rather than with good quality. She would clean things like the bathroom and the kitchen countertops without thoroughly going through everything. There were crumbs left in corners and behind my toaster over. I asked David if I needed to move anything before the cleaning and he told me that I did not have to. When I turned on the oven after the cleaning, it started to smell like chemicals and I needed to go back myself to clean it out. After she cleaned the bathroom tiles, I ran my finger across them and soap scum came off. She did not pay attention to detail, it felt like she was skipping things, and there was no neatness to her work. She did do a good job cleaning the refrigerator, the outside of the oven, and the bathroom mirrors, but those are overshadowed by the problems. It has cost me time because now I have to go back over and clean everything myself. I am willing to give David and Super Bright Cleaning Service a second chance, but not with the cleaner that came out.