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Offering Residential and Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Services, House Cleaning, Window Cleaning, supplies are provided & you'll have the same maid every time.


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San Diego , CA

Super Bright Cleaning Service

Not Very Good Experience

It was kind of a mixed experience with Super Bright Cleaning Service. They were nice, kind and showed up on time to do the work. However, they were not very thorough and didn't clean everything as expected. There were lots of areas that they missed. Shelves were still dusty and there were spots left on the floor and walls after they were gone. These were areas or stains that were pretty easy to clean up. I know this because I had to clean them up myself and it took me all of twenty minutes and it wasn't difficult at all. It wasn't anything extensive and they could have done it easily. They did, however, do a great job on the kitchen and the bathrooms. But everything else just wasn't up to par. Like, they cleaned the blinds but didn't clean the window ledge and there was still a lot of dust there. It wasn't in a super unclean condition and most of the work was already done. It was all easy to clean up but they just hadn't done it. It kind of disappointing especially at that price point. They did clean the hard to clean areas very well. But that's not what we had agreed to, that they would only take care of difficult areas and not do the rest. Also, I had requested an invoice from them but I never got it.