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Woodinville, WA

Millen Autobody

They destroyed my truck

I cannot describe the HORROR story that has transpired since I took my prized 2013 T/X Baja Toyota Tacoma to Millen Autobody after I put it in the ditch. They ended up replacing the left front fender, and left front door (skin) and painting the entire left side of my vehicle. Initially when I picked the car up I noticed there was a shotgun blast pattern of little dimple marks in the rear driver's side door around and below the handle, and was told there must have been some contamination (water?) in the paint line, and that they would sand and buff it out. A couple hours later they said it was ready, and when I came to pick it up there was still compound all over the door, and you could see where they had obviously sanded it. Fast forward to the next day, and after washing it, I noticed in the sunlight that there was a milky haze where they had sanded on it and tried to fix it. So I took my truck back for a second time, and this time they sanded the whole door, and into the front door too, and again after picking it up and washing it and examining it in the sunlight there were massive zipper marks all over the rear door and extending into the front door. I also noticed a bizarre line running down the middle of the front door (burnt in clear coat?) with overspray on one side of it, as well as a tape line which appeared as a straight line dent when you sight down the car. And also during this time I noticed they missed a tiny spot down low on the little section of cab between the rear door and the bed, and by this time things were starting to get a bit tense between me and the shop, so I asked my insurance company agent to act as a go-between (while at a meeting between Millen Autobody, my insurance agent and I, my insurance agent overhead Scott M., the owner mumbling things like "now he wants his car detailed for free"), but we agreed to give them one last shot, and so they re-opened the insurance claim to fix the little ding down low in the cab, and Neil, who works in the front office, promised "they would take care of it," speaking to my concerns regarding the doors. Finally after getting the car back today, and taking it home and washing it and looking it over, they've now sanded the bejesus out of both doors and into the front fender in such an amateur and haphazard manner, that both my left doors are completely covered in deep swirl marks - every square inch of them, to such an extent that the side of my car that Millen Autobody repaired and painted looks so extremely horrid that there is no conceivable way you could imagine a reputable car shop could give a car back to a customer in this state. It was obviously done maliciously. These guys are downright criminal, and cannot be trusted. I'm planning to take my car elsewhere to have these repairs corrected, and unfortunately will have to sue Millen Autobody for the cost, not to mention all the wasted time, and lawyer fees. Bottom line, if you care about your vehicle, and only wash it by hand as I do, and expect to have quality work done, and also are looking for good customer service, do NOT even consider taking your car to Millen Autobody! They will likely screw up your car as they have mine, and once the insurance work is done, they will not even give you the time of day if you have any issues. Unfortunately I am forced to give them one star, but they are a big fat ZERO. Actually ZERO is too kind, these guys are less than ZERO, and if they can sleep at night after what they've done to my beloved T/X, then it's only because they are also sociopaths in addition to being crooks!