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My family has been taking all our cars to Agape for years. They are friendly, professional and they know exactly what they are doing.


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Lexington Park, MD

Agape Auto

My experience has been somewhere between wonderful and magnificent.

Our family has been customers of Agape Auto for at least 15 years. I am very satisfied with them. They have kept our cars running wonderfully for us, at least as wonderful as cars can run. I think they do a marvelous job, and I really appreciate them helping me with my most recent problem.

My car was involved in an accident in March. I took it to a different repair shop, and they did a wonderful job with the body work. However, I guess they weren't mechanically inclined because they forgot several things. I checked my own fluid levels and added windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze, and even changed my own window wipers.

When I went to add some oil I couldn't find where to add it. After the already herculean task of changing my own windshield wipers, I decided just to take it in to Agape Auto for an oil change. They looked at the car and told me that they couldn't change the oil as the oil filler hose was missing!

I guess during the accident the battery had broken the oil hose off. The timing belt cover was also badly cracked and just hanging there, and there was a shield on the bottom of the car that had been removed as well. Other bits and pieces were missing too; the car would have happier with all of it. It was difficult persuading the insurance company that their preferred shop had overlooked these things, but we persevered. The car is much happier now.

Agape Auto has been very professional, and they are quite skilled. There is nothing they can do to make things cost nothing, but at least when they are done things work. That is very important.