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My family has been taking all our cars to Agape for years. They are friendly, professional and they know exactly what they are doing.


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Issue, MD

Agape Auto

Superior diagnosis and great service.

After starting a new job in the local area, I had some trouble with my truck. By recommendation, I went to another shop that really made a mess of things. They just kept replacing parts hoping to stumble upon a fix. They even sent me to the dealer at one point. This was a long process and I can’t explain here how completely over the top frustrated and angry I was at that time. Plus I had to breakdown each time before they knew if the last repair solved things.

So I happen by Agape, loved the name and made an emergency appointment. They immediately checked out the earlier shops work and pretty much isolated a few issues. Agape attacked some and the dealer had to correct their faulty work to solve the last. They were quick and effective and the diagnosis was right on. It did take a few appointments to sort everything out and I had to have the vehicle for work in between. One time I broke down and the mechanic came and met me on the road, in his own vehicle, and got my truck going. Then he followed me while I limped my truck to the shop. No additional charge…great customer service! Once I was up and running proper again, they eventually went over the entire vehicle and alerted me to some other things going on underneath.

That was close to two years ago. I been with them ever since. 275,000 miles and the truck has been running like a top ever since. When I go there with minor issues, they often recommend that no work is necessary. They are not out to drum up unnecessary business. All the folks there are really nice people. They are not the cheapest shop in town, but I surely did not save a dime by going to the first shop. And man do they have a loyal following. They get more handwritten thank-you notes at that shop then grandma does after Christmas.

Rob Schwartz