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We are a complete automotive repair facility in Brooklyn, NY that services both foreign and domestic cars and trucks, and offer same day service on most repairs.


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Not all work on order was done but paid the price

The work order stated two things to be reviewed on car, one was left out, and wasn't done- the work was paid for - I requested that a note be left on my file for the next time as to what was owe me- this seemed fair to me- that request was not honored.


Hi Lissa,

Frankly, we’re a little confused as to what you’re talking about. You had scheduled an appointment to check why your LED brake light strip was not working. At the counter, you also mentioned that your service light was on. We spent an hour checking why your tail light wasn’t working. When we commanded the tail light to work through our Audi scanner, the light started to work and then went out again. We needed to figure out if it was a tail light/LED problem, or a computer/command problem. After spending time checking, we found that while there was power present to the light assembly, multiple LED bulbs were out. The service light comes on when regularly scheduled maintenance, such as an oil change, is due. After we called you with an estimate, you declined to have any work done. You were only charged for the time that we spent checking why your LED brake light strip was not working.

Yes, your service light is still on, and your LED brake light strip is still not working, because we did not do any maintenance, nor did we replace your broken light, as per your instructions. However, you were not charged for any routine maintenance, or to replace the LED brake light strip, so we’re a little confused as to what work you think you paid for that wasn’t done.

As for a note being left on file for next time, you have not returned since last time, so we haven’t had a chance to honor this request. We have both written records that we keep, as well as records on our computer that show what work was done, as well as quoted work that was not. We have on file how much the LED brake light strip would be to replace it, if you were to choose to do so in the future. We also explained to you that it is something that you would need to do in the near future, as your annual New York state inspection is due to expire at the end of May, and you cannot pass inspection with brake light bulbs not working.

Megan Walsh
Office Manager

Superior Care Auto Center commented on 05/11/2015