N-Hance Wood Renewal

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NHance will restore the natural warmth and beauty of your wood surfaces in only 24 hours with no dust, mess or odor. Great products, great system and great service.



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San Francsico, CA

N-Hance Wood Renewal

Worn-out floors look like new!

After years of wear and tear by kids, dogs, and life, our hardwood floors looked ghastly. The only shine left was under a dog bed and in a closet. The wood had transformed from golden to grimy grey, and I couldn't foresee it ever returning to its resplendent original oakey color. If floors could cry, ours surely would have. At least that would have made them a little shiny for a while. ;)

We are down to the nails in our floors, which means we can no longer have the floors refinished the traditional way. Plus that was just too pricey for our budget. What to do? Enter NHance. The people owners and workers are super conscientious about their work, which made me feel good from the get-go. And unlike traditional hardwood floor refinishing, these guys dont take a layer off, so we could get the results of a beautiful floor with a shiny finish without damaging the wood. And because of the washing and buffing techniques, we didnt have all that dust that comes with shining up floors the regular way. And as an extra bonus, we could walk on the floors in stocking feet at the end of the day! Wed have had to wait at least three days the way we normally did it.

A no brainer, to be sure. We hired them, and at the end of the day (literally), our floors had gone from grungy to looking like a bowling alley! (Or as my daughter said, a palace.) We were blown away.

We were totally impressed by NHance every single step of the way. It's a company with integrity and a heart and a fantastic service. If you need your tired wood floors vastly improved without making a huge dent in your lifestyle, budget, or for that matter, your floors (remember, they don't take a layer of wood off for these great results!), call them!