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We specialize in import and domestic cars and trucks. Our team consists of fully trained, Experienced Mechanics on hand to help you.
auto repair & service
Mike's Auto
2442 34 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2T 2C8, Canada
(403) 246-4493


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Gary T.

Calgary, AB

Mike's Auto

Automobile Wizard!

Mike's Auto is unbelievable. His services are beyond compare. I've already brought 4 cars in--a BMW, 2 Lexuses, and a GMC. When I heard a rattle under the hood of me BMW, I first brought it to the certified BMW auto garage. They looked at it, said the struts needed to be changed, and told me that the price would come to $3800. I was... uninterested (to say the least) in paying that kind of money, so I brought the car down to Mike. Mike put my car up in the air, glanced at it, and told me that I did not have to change the struts. All I had was a loose arm, which he could fix for $65. I left that very day with a rattle-less BMW. That's right, Mike fixed my car at 1/60th of the price that BMW SPECIALISTS quoted me. Needless to say, since then Mike's has been my first stop when I have car troubles.