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Ventura, CA

Churchill & Smith

The prices were great, I just wish I had selected a different mattress.

The company was great, they were really nice people - but I don't like my mattress at all. It sinks in when I try to sleep in the middle and my back ends up hurting when I wake up. In the store, everything seemed fine, but six months later the mattress is too soft and is causing me problems. I plan on calling them soon to try and resolve the issue.
I will say that Spencer the owner and his son were excellent in the store. They were very helpful and professional and I enjoyed talking to them. I told them I wanted a firm bed and they assured me the mattress I bought was firm enough, but a week later I realized that it wasn't what I originally wanted and I should have trusted my intuition.
I also think their websites are confusing. They have multiple sites and it's really hard to tell who they are as a company. I know a lot of people like this company and the quality of their products, but I would advise others to make sure you get the mattress you want and check out several mattresses to ensure the right comfort for you.